Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh universe!

I have been spending hours, literally, online, looking at pregnancy related stuff. I didn't think at 5 weeks pregnant, there was much going on inside me. But, I found this chart from a lecture at some school's site:

Look at the column under week 5; which was last week for me. The baby has eyes, limbs and a heart! This week, week 6 of the embryo's age, it starts developing ears and teeth. Does that mean I need to stop swearing now?

I also learned that all these symptoms I've been having were results of the pregnancy - going to the bathroom more frequently even though I hadn't been drinking any more, not losing weight when I was running 3 times a week, and today? The nausea has hit. Not very hard but I just had a protein bar for breakfast and my stomach is doing tiny flips.

Despite that, Jeff and I are so excited. It's unbelievable that I am growing a human being inside me. I have seen other women pregnant; gosh, there are 4 women in our aquaintance circle who are pregnant or have recently delivered, so the whole idea of childbirth isn't foreign to me. But, I never imagined being pregnant myself and now that I am, it's utterly fascinating.

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