Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shoes, leave and other things

Shoes: Left pair I wore yesterday, right pair I am wearing today.

Do you think I am a masochist? Do you think I'd walk around in these for my 8-9 hr workday if I physically couldn't or if I was in pain? Let me answer those questions for you, the answer is NO. I wear what I am comfortable in, even if it doesn't look that way to you. So, stop commenting on my shoes or the fact that I still dress nice for work. I am not "strutting" in my dress, I just prefer to look professional even while pregnant.


I am planning on taking 8 weeks off and yes, that's all. There were 3 things to consider in our (my husband and I, in case you wondered who might be involved)decision:
  1. How long I think I want to take off? Answer: 8 weeks right now and I know that I might change my mind when Oliver comes around. But, the next question really overrules any change of mind I might have in November/December/January.
  2. How long can I afford to take off and still be able to afford Jeff taking a couple weeks off? 8 weeks
  3. When will my work daycare take Oliver? 8 weeks
  4. Where is the work daycare? 5 minutes from my desk

So, based on all the answers above, I'll be taking 8 weeks off and that's it. If anybody would like to argue with me about my choice of leave, feel free to ask me how much $$$ I need to be able to take each additional week of leave and send me a check. Also feel free to give me extra money for future leave since during leave without pay, I don't earn any sick or annual leave. Thanks in advance for your kindness.

Other things:

Along the same lines, if you ask me my preference on breast feeding, diapering, epidurals and don't like my answer, just try to remember who's going to be birthing the baby in a couple months. Sharing your experience is awesome, I love hearing the different stories because it just goes to prove that no 2 people's experiences with their babies will ever be exactly the same. But, if you start evangelizing one way or another and get on a soapbox, that's a very sure way to ensure I'll zone out, not listen to a word you say and avoid you in the future.


Angie said...

I thought 8 week sounded like a LOOONNGGG time... Of course you will have new entertainment at home during much of that!

Do you plan to work up until you have him if you can?

Syl said...

Yes, working till that water breaks hehe