Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Bump Checklist

On The Bump, they provide you with a checklist of things you should be doing depending on where you are in your pregnancy. Mine looks like this somewhat:

Now, the cry baby face means I am overdue in doing those tasks. So, here's my friends and family plan. I am going to copy the categories form their website and fill in my ideas/thoughts.
  1. Who should I invite to the delivery room? Obviously darling husband will be in there. My sister will be in there as well if she makes it up here in time. My hospital St. Agnes has a 2 person limit for the delivery room.
  2. Head of the bed, foot of the bed, or the waiting room: Depending on whether my sister gets there in time or not, this will change. If she's there, I'd prefer Jeff to stay with me and her to watch the birth, considering she's the doctor. If she doesn't make it there in time, Jeff can move back and forth. I have no compunctions about him watching the birthing. I'd rather he be able to see exactly what's going on. I mean, come on, I'd rather be able to watch. At 8 or 9 years old, I watched them sew up a 3 inch gash in my knee even after the doctor warned me to lie down. I have a bigger fear of the unknown so as long as I can see what's happening, I am A-OK. And, my parents will be in the waiting room.
  3. & 4. go together: Timing is Everything & Recovery Rules: I am very good at handling large parties and hosting multiple sleeping over people. But, I am pretty sure I don't want to do that with a newborn in the hosue and with our 2 sets of parents. So, the plan is my sister and parents will drive up as soon as I go into labor. My sister only has a week of leave :( but my parents will stay for 3-4 weeks depending on when the baby is born, because then Jeff's parents will visit for a couple weeks. I need to find out if they'd like to avoid the holiday season or if that works for them.

This was what The Bump listed but it doesn't list friends dropping by and things like that. The hospital doesn't have a visitor rule or timings. They stated that since you sleep when you can, just ask friends to call before showing up. Which works. I am sure during waking times, I'll want to see people, so call Jeff and stop on by. After I go home, same thing. Call us and make sure I am not sleeping (or passed out from binge drinking ... just kidding).

So, there's my friends and family plan. Guess I can check that off and remove a crying baby from my checklist.

And, I'll ask my OB what to expect during the delivery when I see her on Monday. But, I am expecting a lot of "we'll plan for this but we'll see what happens there" answers.

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