Monday, September 13, 2010

Post 2 of 2: AFI and Epidurals

Over Labor Day weekend, when we were visiting my sister and parents, we went to Womb's Window and got a 3D ultrasound. At that appointment, the technician mentioned that my amniotic fluid looked really low and to mention it to my OB.

Over this past weekend, during the childbirth classes, we learned so much new information that I had a whole list of questions for my doctor. Before taking these classes, I was of the mind that why would anybody put up with pain if you didn't have to. Which meant that our plan was to yell for an epidural as soon as we get into the delivery room.

Over the 2 day classes we just took, I learned that as soon as I get that epidural:
  • I am confined to my bed. No moving around, no walking the halls, no changing positions to move the baby into a better position, nothing.
  • I cannot eat or drink anything anymore, not even jello and popsicles etc.
  • Since I won't be able to feel part of my body, the nurses will have to help me move legs etc. and the urge to push will feel different.
So, I went in with my list of questions today for the doc and came away with the following:
  • I can ask for that epidural up till the very end. She said I could be 10 cm and if I can sit still for it, I can get it.
  • I can also ask for other IV narcotics to relax and rest for a while, as long as I am 5 cm or less. That way, if labor goes too long, they can give me something so I can rest before starting again.
So, now, our plan is to go in and start labor and keep laboring without an epi unless it gets too bad. But, I'd rather keep my freedom for as long as possible.

She also sent me to the Women's Health Center at St. Agnes for an ultrasound to measure my AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index). They measured me and told me it looked perfectly fine. Oliver is measuring at 3 lbs 10 oz which they said was good.

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Madhu said...

Syl, I just figured out all the options and suspended judgment until it actually happened. Also, i did get to have popsicles/jello after epi, and definitely did feel the urge to push as well. It may be different for different folks though. I'm glad you have all the options! (Sitting on the bouncy ball helped with my back labor a lot as well..).