Friday, November 12, 2010


 It is so hard to see my baby like this. I haven't posted many full photos of him. I take photos of his tiny feet and his tiny hands and his beautiful face. But, never of his complete body. And you can see why. He's a tiny little thing. With all that stuff attached to him.

We saw him today and in the morning, they turned the suction off to his chest tube and we were hopeful this would be it. However, a few hrs later, he had air gathering outside his lung again so they had to turn the suction on again. Not the news we were looking for but I am glad they caught it fast. The plan moving forward is to let the lung heal for another 48 hrs. Then, try turning the suction off again.

His lung just needs time to heal. I am repeating that to myself over and over again. It's so damn hard though. I want him home. The mother in me wants to just grab him out of that plastic bed he's in and run home. But, the smart woman inside me knows staying there is the best for him for now.

Thank you to everyone who's kept us in their thoughts and prayers. We don't return your calls or emails in a timely manner and sometimes not at all. Please know it's not intentional. We're taking each day one at a time. We appreciate you and your words even though we don't say it.


serene said...

Dear Sylvie,
Please know that we are thinking of all of you during this time. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you and Jeff but I'm sure that Oliver is in good hands and he will be home and snuggling with you both before you know it. He is already such a lucky boy to have parents who love him so very very much.

Take care,
Serene (and Jude & Sophie)

Michelle said...


I think any mom who has ever had a baby in the NICU can agree with your feelings of wanting to take him and run. You are being so strong and already showing what a wonderful mother you will be to Oliver. Take care and rest while you can. You have so many people around to support you, please don't feel like you and Jeff are alone in this.


Julie said...

Sylvie & Jeff my thoughts and prayers are still with you. I know this is so hard on all of you. I am sure soon he will be coming home and you can finally say welcome home baby boy ! He is in good hands & with all the prayers coming your way I know this will be just a memory soon. Hang in there and know we are praying for all of you .He is beautiful no matter what. Thanks for the update. Hugs, thoughts and hurry home wishes, Julie

Angie said...

We missed you at lunch but knew you had other things on your mind! Keep taking it one hour at a time and the time will come that you can all come home and sleep under one roof - stay smart!!

And in a couple of weeks we expect BOTH of you to join us for lunch even if only one can eat solid food!

Donna said...

Thanks for taking the time to keep us all up to date on what is happening to your family. I think of you often, with admiration and love, for how you are facing this challenge. Oliver doesn't know yet what a wonderful family he has.


Sarah said...

Hey I found your blog from the bump and I wanted to tell you that my son had a pneumo too! Sounds like you're having a tougher time, though. Logan did not need a chest tube--the needle aspiration worked the first time and I fell so blessed! I am praying for your little man!

daljinder said...

he is so sweet. we are praying, soon he will b with their parents at home.
god bless him.