Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 19 Day 4 ultrasound

How am I almost 20 weeks pregnant? Didn't I just pee on that strip and the second strip and see the faint pink line show up?

Apparently, the baby knows how time is passing by because he's busy growing in there. Today, during our ultrasound, he was busy dancing around and punching me. We saw his legs and his little feet. They measured his heart, brain, legs, arms, stomach, kidneys ... the only thing left is the spine because the baby was lying on his back and did not move over. So, ultrasound in 2 more weeks.

Here are some images from today's sessions:

a couple profile shots:

A couple leg/feet shots:

and then, here's Smokey, trying to keep his claim to the title of cutest being in the house:

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