Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The pregnancy story

I realised I never posted about how I found out I was pregnant. Jeff and I decided in January to go for it. We figured what with my advanced age and being on birth control pills for so many years, it could take us up to year to conceive. I stopped the birth control pills on February 5th and on February 8th, the dreaded period descended.

I bought a set of ovulation and pregnancy strips off of Amazon becuase they were the cheapest. They weren't digital. They are the kind you have to immerse in your pee (yippee). I kept an eye on my ovulation. A month passed.

March 7th, my sister-in-law (Jeff's youngest sister) called to tell us she was 12 weeks pregnant. We were so excited. We were also a little stymied. If we got pregnant now too, would the fmaily be upset? Then, we though, oh well, it won't happen for a few months, at least, so why worry about it.

Monday March 8th, ideally, I should have gotten my period. But, my friend was visiting from CT that week and we had a party at our house the following Saturday, so I was busy. When, by Wednesday, March 10th, no period had showed, I took the pregnancy test I had at home. you know, the one with the strip you had to immerse in a cup of ... yeah you get it. Well, it gave me a faint pink line. I did another one because for the first one, I left it in the bathroom and forgot about it for 20 minutes. the second one showed a faint pink line as well.

Jeff and I talked and he thought it might not mean anything. The next morning, Thursday March 11th, I called my OB-GYN's office and spoke to a nurse. She said I should come in and see the doc, and made an appointment for Friday March 12th. I asked her if I should do a digital test to make sure the faint pink line wasn't a fluke. She said I didn't need to, that even a faint line meant pregnancy. Well, I was supposed to meet my sister and my friend for lunch and on my way, I bought a digital test kit at Rite Aid. Which I then proceeded to use in the restaurant's bathroom. And, viola, a very strong bright blue line!!!

On Friday, a urine test at the OB-GYN's proved the same thing. She sent me for bloodwork the next week and we have our first ultrasound on March 30th.

So, the advanced age and the birth control pills could not stop my little womb from doing it's job :-) And, my sister-in-law and I are 7-8 weeks apart on our due dates, so hopefully these cousins will become close friends.

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