Monday, July 12, 2010

22 down and baby kicked daddy

Well, baby kicked mommy and mommy kicked daddy. Ok, well, not really. I did not kick Jeff, before anyone calls Social Services for spousal abuse. I felt the baby move and kick all day long yesterday but never enough times together. When we finally got to bed, the baby kicked a couple times and Jeff put his hand on my belly. I thought to myself, "oh no, now the baby's done for the day." But then, the baby kicked! Jeff felt it. You should have seen his face. The wide grin, the wide eyes! And the baby kicked 2 more times. Then, went to sleep. Almost like he was saying goodnight!

As far as baby sizes go, I guess all the websites get tired of doing weekly updates after Week 21, because both sites that I follow give me the size for Month 5 (Week 22-24):

The Bump says it's a yummy:

And for the daddies out there, from the Tarzan's Guide:
Now, I am Pregnant's website states that the baby should be around 12.25 ounces, but at my last ultrasound, I was told the baby's about a lb. Giant baby, I am telling you. i'll be giving birth to a giant baby!
You might be enjoying your pregnancy more than ever at this point if morning sickness was an issue in the early weeks.
Not so much. Here's hoping and wishing and praying that the third trimester takes it easy on me.
Your baby now shows an extremely rapid brain growth (which lasts until five years after birth).
Yippee, the alien has a brain! And, it's growing.
Your baby's senses are developing daily. The fetus now has a full complement of neurons in the brain and is learning about her body and surroundings through touch. Touch is one of the first senses to mature and your baby may stroke its face or feel her arms and legs.

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