Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ER visit (past)

I just got all my medical records form my ER visits down in NC in early June. I like having my records because I like being informed. I might not understand everything on them, but I like having a copy for myself and it irks me that I have to jump through hoops for my own records. This hospital did not make me jump through a lot of hoops though. I have my records, all the blood work they did on me (which tells me my hemoglobin is wayyy low).

Another thing they did was an ultrasound to ensure the pain wasn't a reflection of a problem with the pregnancy. It turmed out not be - well not directly at least. But, in the paperwork I received, it has the baby's measurements from the ultrasound. Keep in mind I was 16 weeks 1 day when they did this and these were the baby's measurements:
- BPD (Biparietal Diameter), which is apparently the diameter of the head: 16 weeks 2 days
- Head circumference: 16 weeks 6 days
- Abdominal circumference: 17 weeks 5 days
- Femur length: 16 weeks 4 days
Average gestational age: 16 weeks 6 days

So, for most things, the baby measured ahead but the STOMACH!!! It measured almost 2 weeks ahead. No wonder I am losing weight, this baby's eating everything and more that I ingest. Let me once again point out the similarity between babies in your belly and parasites.

And the head. The one thing I am most scared of is a humungous baby head. And the head's measuring a week ahead.

Oh, and I know that these measurements change as the baby grows at different speeds throughout the pregnancy, I just found it cool looking at these measurements :-)

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