Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoes & books & hiccups

Let's start with hiccups:
Last night, I am lying on the couch watching some quality television (Bridezillas) when I feel something weird right below my belly button. I put my hand on my stomach and just feel it for a few seconds. It felt like a slight knock, very light, but every couple seconds. It would go on for 10-15 knocks, take a break for a few seconds and then happen again. I suddenly realized it was hiccups!!! I called my mom over and she felt them too. Jeff came home and he felt them too. The baby had them for a good hour. And again, this morning, for a few minutes.

I asked Jeff to read a book to Oliver last night. It feels weird but I know he can hear us and I want him to hear more than my work meetings and my driving outbursts. I also want him to know his dad's voice. So, Jeff read Goodnight Moon to him. It still felt weird till Oliver kicked a few times towards the end. I don't know if it was just his regular kicking or if he was responding to Jeff's voice. I'd like to believe the latter.

Found the first casualty of pregnancy. I tried these on last night and though a little snug, they felt fine. I could walk in them and nothing hurt. This morning, I couldn't zip them up. Welcome, fat feet. RIP for a few months, shoes.

The only thing keeping me from sobbing about this is the fact that we leave for Niagara Falls tomorrow. Yippee!

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