Monday, October 18, 2010

36 Weeks

There's the belly at 36 weeks!

According to The Bump, this is the last week the baby's like a honey dew melon. Starting next week, I can start calling him a watermelon. Yippee. I like watermelons better.

According to most sites, he should be anywhere from 5.5 to 6 lbs, but at our last ultrasound on Wednesday, he measured at just under 5. Now, those can be off by a lb but of course Jeff and I were slightly worried. I brought it up to my doctor today, and she said that his growth was perfectly normal and according to gestational age. His abdomen is measuring fine and that's what they go by. She told us not to worry at all. Which will be difficult but we'll try. Apparently, Jeff was a low birth weight baby and look at him now.

Our ultrasound also showed that he's still very comfortably breech, with his head inching up under my ribs and his butt perched somewhere on my bladder. Since I am 4 weeks away from the due date, we've set a date for the C-section - November 11th, 2010. If he decides to move before that, well and good. If not, we have a plan. And, he'll forever have a US holiday for his birthday. There are ways to try and move him with external manipulation, but for all the reasons mentioned in my 35th week post, we will not be trying that.

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