Monday, June 7, 2010

Oliver ____ Williams

Is that too tough to say? That's the name we are leaning very seriously towards. Also depends on what we decide for a middle name. The first one we picked started with a V and that was just too hard to pronounce with the first and last name.

Oliver - Latin origins meaning peace, the olive tree

Nickname: Olly/Oli

Name to be yelled out when mom's upset: OLIVER WILLIAMS!

Names to be used when acting cute: punkin, alien, my wittle pawasite

But no, say the name over and over and tell me if it sounds awkward: Oliver Williams


serene said...

I think Oliver's a wonderful name! And it complements Williams nicely. It might mean that the middle name has to be short though, or it might really be a little much.

Are you thinking of an Indian middle name? We have a Chinese middle name for Sophie. And there's a Facebook group called "The purpose of a child's middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble." :)

Congrats on the coming baby boy!!

Angie said...

I like... Ollie? Wait... isn't that a bargain store?

Donik Lamb said...

I just came across your blog through the and I have a little Oliver!!! GOOOO OLIVER!!!! Love Oliver Williams sounds very sophisticated :)
Congratulations :)

Donik Lamb said...

I came across your blog through and I LOVE the name Oliver... My Oliver will be 3 months old on Sunday!

Congratulations - love the Name Oliver Williams :)