Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I didn't realize that I was getting an uncommon number of ultrasounds. Let me list them first and then we'll talk about the questions I get.

1. @ 7 weeks or so to confirm the pregnancy. We saw just a little heart beating away.

2. @ 11 weeks to check on a subchoronial bleed they sat at ultrasound 1.

3. @ 12 weeks 4 days, for the NT Scan. I guess this is one scan some women might opt out of since this is for genetic disorders.

4. @ 19 weeks 4 days, it's the 2nd trimester screenign where they look for gender if possible and measure all parts of the baby.

5. scheduled for 21 weeks 3 days becuase the baby was uncooperative and we need to emasure his spine.

So, technically, I might have had an extra 1 at 7 weeks becuase some OBs might make their patients wait till 10-12 weeks to do the first trimester one. And I did one that was optional. So, really, not like I am going crazy with my ultrasounds but the comments I've read on online forums and even on FB seem to indicate that this is not the norm. It could be my wonderful government insurance. I am not complaining. It's amazing to see the baby go from a tiny little nub of a heart to a cantaloupe sized human being doing the mashed potato in there.

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