Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7 months, and a shower

Well folks, we have a belly! It could be all the food I ate on Sunday, but here it is:

7 months down, 3 to go (if you count 4 weeks as a month; if you count 30/31 days, then I have 2.7/2.8 months respectively). I think I can safely say, so far, this trimester is my favorite! That might change when I gain more weight but so far, the 1st had slight nausea all day long and the 2nd had debilitating heartburn pain everyday almost, so in the absence of those 2, this trimester is shaping up to be a breeze. I know things can change so all you naysayers, let me enjoy my bliss while it lasts.

According to Baby Center, this week the baby looks like a Chinese cabbage. They didn't provide a photo, so I looked one up.

Your baby weighs two and a quarter pounds and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels. Your baby can open his eyes now and see the light that filters through your womb. He can hear, too, so go ahead and talk or sing to your baby.

Oh yeah, time to start indoctrinating him in the ways of country music. Also, probably should read movie synopsis more carefully before renting them. I thought Kick-Ass was a comedy, not so much as I cringed while watching limbs get cut off and stuff.

Billions of neurons have developed and are firing in your baby's brain, creating essential connections that will help him learn in and outside the womb.

Thank heavens he won't be stupid ;-)

This past Sunday, 4 amazing and beautiful women, threw us a baby shower: my sister Suheir, Brenda, Kimber and Anjuli. It was great to see our friends and feel the love, not just through their gifts but through their support and their warmth. I managed not to cry at the shower itself, but I did as I was writing our thank you cards. Days like Sunday make us glad we moved to this area. It shows us that we have a support group here that's always there for us even though we might not speak with these people every day or even every week. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made the shower so special. Here are a couple photos; most others are on Facebook but I'll put them on Flickr as well for those who aren't on FB.

This cake was yummy, coconut on the top and lemon on the bottom 2 tiers.


Angie said...

That cake is too cute!!

I think you need to start your baby book early - with each of the pictures of fruit and veg from these posts between the sonogram pictures!!

Syl said...

I sort of have a baby book started; Jeff needs to enter some of his stuff. But, I should go to the super market and take my own photos, maybe holding the vegetables against my belly? lol

kimberbat said...

When you're finished with your baby book, maybe you can do mine. It's so hard to find the time now that the little guy is awake all the time! By the way, you looked amazing at the shower. Pregnancy agrees with you. :)

Syl said...

Thank you Kimber! & thank you so much for everything else, your help, the cake, your advice, your continued friendship :-)