Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GTT Yippe kai ey

Mmmm looks like Fanta, smells like Fanta, even tastes like Fanta, but unlike Fanta, this has 50 gms of glucose in it. This is what I had to drink this morning for my Glucose Tolerance Test. Every pregnant woman gets this done between 25 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, I believe, to test for Gestational Diabetes. Which, according to that side, could result in "fat baby." I am already afraid of birthing a 12 pounder, I didn't need to read that. But, I guess I'll get the results by Friday afternoon. They'll call if I failed the test. Then, I have to repeat it over 3 hours. Really hope I pass it this time.

Since I have had gastric bypass, I am technically not a good candidate for this test, since my body doesn't metabolize sugars in a normal way anyways. The other option would have been to do the stick test 4 times a day for 5 days straight. You know? I would have preferred that. I don't mind needles, I don't mind sticking myself. I had heard so many horror stories about the GTT that 20 sticks in my fingers sounded like heaven. Which, if I fail this round, I might ask my doc to just do the sticks.

I don't think I had a goal behind this post, I am just rambling. Blame it on the glucose ;-)

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