Thursday, April 29, 2010

Belly belt

I am not ready for maternity pants yet; however, some of my pants are starting to dig into my waist. It's very uncomfortable to have the band dig into you as you sit, specially when I sit for most of the 8 hours at work. So, after doing some research, I bought the Belly Band off of Amazon.

I had my doubts about how well it would work. It comes with 4 belt extenders, 1 small button one, 1 large button, 1 small slide and 1 large slide. It also has 3 inserts - denim, white and black.

I tried it on with a pair of pants I know fit well everywhere except for the waist. I was amazed at how well the belt extender worked. Under a shirt, you can't tell that the pants aren't zipped up and have an extender.

The first 2 photos are with the shirt covering the pants with the extenders on:

You can see the extender on in these:

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