Friday, April 2, 2010

The wait is killing me!

God, why did I agree to wait till 12 weeks to tell everyone about this pregnancy. So, yesterday, I started a list of what to do when in the next month.
04/02: Order pregnancy related stuff from Cafe Press, I am getting my grandma (in CA) a mug that says "I'm going to be a great grandma," getting myself and the DH a couple of tees etc.
04/19: Mail family's stuff to CA with instructions not to open package till they call me
04/26: Order baby announcements for extended family and friends
04/28: Already have lunch plans with the closest co-workers to let them know. Thinking of getting cookies in shapes of a baby carriage with some cute saying on them.
05/01: Make phone calls to close friends and family here and in India
05/03: We have a staff meeting where I'll announce it to everyone I work with - have a t-shirt to do that
05/10: Mail out announcements to extended family and friends
05/17: Probably announce it on Facebook and make my now-secret pregnancy blog public

Somewhere in there, we need to work on our registry as well.

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