Thursday, April 29, 2010

Telling family

So, I have a mamu and mamiji (mom's brother and his wife) in CA who raised me like parents from my early to my late 20s (yes, they did raise me, I went in a confused lost child and came out an adult with direction). Their sons, my cousins, were 3 and 6 when I moved in and they are now teenagers! My God, where does time go?

I just sent the cousins t shirts that say "Kiss me, I'm an Uncle," and "One Cool Uncle." I also had included a coffee mug for my grandma that said "I'm Going to be a Great Grandmother." We were on the speakerphone when they opened it (I gave them directions to call us). It was hilarious! The boys opened up their shirts and were reading them. I could hear the confusion in their voices. I could hear my aunt reading the shirts in confusion. Then, I heard my uncle whisper, "they're pregnant." And, then, everything devolved into utter chaos.

Everyone was laughing and yelling and my uncle and aunt both said this made their year and was the best news they've heard. I really wish I could have told them in person but this was the next best thing. It was awesome to hear their happiness in their voices and their excitement for us.

Times like this make me sad that I live all the way across the country from family.

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